Who we are

We create and sell unique, evocative graphical images for electronic and print media.

Like the samples below…

To see the images full size, click on the thumbnail.

All images may be viewed and purchased by clicking HERE or on the IMAGES link in the menu at the top of the page. There are lots of free images in this gallery.

Technical Details

Our  Prêt-à-Porter (ready to use) gallery is meant for use on computers and mobile devices. The images there are delivered in a “xxx.jpg” format.

They are at a “computer screen resolution” of 72dpi (72 dots per inch), and in various sizes from smaller ones at 650 x 350 dots to 1250 x 1000 dots on the larger images. These “xxx.jpg” files may be sized or cropped in graphic handling programs like Adobe PhotoShop and Corel PaintShop, and even simple free graphic editors. Or the images may be inserted into an existing HTML website page, email, or mobile app “as is” with an HTML editor like Adobe DreamWeaver or even a text editor like Microsoft NotePad.

The little sample code below is a snippet of HTML that illustrates how and where your new image might be added or changed:

You will also need to know how and where to upload your new image referenced above. Your website admin will be able to handle these simple tasks. If you don’t have a website admin, you should contact who ever created your website in the first place, or who ever you pay your website hosting fees to. Or contact us, we will point you to excellent website support services.

Our new “For Print” gallery images (coming soon), are delivered in a “yyy.jpg” format  with a much larger resolution, and therefor larger file, usually around 300dpi. They may be edited using the same graphic programs as the Prêt-à-Porter images described above.

The “For Print” gallery images (coming soon) may be used for stationary letter head, unique greeting cards, business cards, t-shirt art, coffee cup wraps, tote-bags, wall art, bottle labels, and more. See sample “For Print” image usage at the bottom of this page.


Were do the ideas for the images come from?

To add to Thoreau’s quote above, we ask “…how does what you see make you feel…”. All the graphic images on this website are created by digital artist S. L. Robison and when purchased (they’re very inexpensive, and many are free), may be used for any legal purpose on one website, email or mobile app. Many of our images are influenced by urban “street art” which is all about feelings. Most of our images have many concurrent ideas, feelings and thoughts running through them.  We are not short of feelings, and we create more images regularly.

Take a look at the Galleries and “see how they make you feel”.

How can the images be used?

These images may be used as online logos, article headers and content images, Facebook art, icons, link buttons and more. All images on this website are from our galleries.

The Prêt-à-Porter (ready to use) gallery is primarily meant for use “as is” on a desktop computer website, email, or mobile device app. Some of them may be suitable for print “as is”.

We will be releasing a “For Print” gallery shortly. It will include many of the Prêt-à-Porter images in a higher resolution suitable for print, as well as brand new images. These make unique book covers, product wraps, t-shirt prints, bottle labels, calendars, wall art, business logos, to name a few.

We can also customize any image in any of our galleries for unique one-of-a-kind product. The images below are samples of how “For Print and Customized” images may be used. This service will be available for purchase shortly. Please check the samples below.



Come on in and see how you “feel”